Electric Hot Water Sydney


Electric Hot Water Sydney

The electric hot water systems as we know them will soon be a thing of the past. In the near future, the government will be making it compulsory to install a greenhouse efficient hot water system (gas, solar or heat pump) when the existing electric system needs replacing.

You do not need to replace existing electric hot water systems that are in good working order. But the reality is that electric hot water is being phased out. If you are considering a new hot water system or your old one needs replacing, consider one of the new energy efficient models.

Our team of professional plumbers can work out the best solution for your particular hot water needs.

We find and install the right hot water system for you at the right price. For the best advice on a replacement for your existing electric hot water system call us today and discuss your situation.

You can choose from a range of heat pump hot water systems that may be just what you need to replace your existing electric hot water system.

Call our hot water plumbing experts in Sydney for advice!

Electric hot water Sydney | Electric hot water repairs & Installations Sydney

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